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Guardian Message

Everyone has a purpose in life... a unique gift, and when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstacy and exaltation of our own spirit, whch is the ultimate goal of all goals. We at SSSGM Society succeed in combining excellence with an outstanding range of oppurtunities. It is our aim to produce young men and women who will go on to be leaders in their profession. We not only provide good education that liberates but also to inculcate an attitude towards the betterment of the society. We believe deeply that quality education is a necessary pre condition for a better world and pledge with efforts to ensure that our society meet all the children's needs, is well equiped, well resourced and well staffed campuses that are essential in the quality of education we provide. Our entire staff is committed to establishing a school environment that allows students to flourish and grow on all level mean while enjoying their learning experience.I personally invite you to join us in our endeavor to create a knowledge based society that fortifies the intellectual, physical and mental dimension off all individuals.

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Chairman Message

In the world that is today, defined by success, competitions we are faced with challenges. The transformation of education from the old to the new has thrown about new dimensions in educational societies. We at SSSGM Society understand the direction of winds of change and have prepared for our educational programmes accordingly. Our students are challenged to think, understad and challenge conventional wisdom in order to forge a new direction to accumulate knowledge and solving problems. We base our philosophy on four basic principles of knowledge, attitude, skills and hard work which we bilieve are the foundation of success of any student. SSSGM Society is proud to have best members who bring themselves academic as wells as extra circular experience to enhance the learning abilities of their students. Every effort is made to reach out to all students by ensuring constant appraisal and feed back system. I take this opportunity to welcome you to the SSSGM Society world, where our dream is to ignite your potential and to guide you to achieve success over your lifetime. I do hope that I along with my management and members will go hand in hand for a better future for all of us.

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Manager Message

Aspiration and Desires are always the hallmark of the young whcih always existed and still exist among the young. My idea of education is to settle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects. What our nation needs today, is the power of youth. The youth today is called by many names. It is the generation X, which is going to lead the nation and the world. "Leaders of tomorrow", is what they are called as. The world is in deep need of such people, who hold the fervour of leading a nation or doing good deeds. Our nation calls for young leaders who can lead us through, as there their is urgent need of youthful figures. Therefore it becomes our duty to encourage our children to work extensively for the creation of new knowledge, new idea and a new awakening. We, at SSSGM Society leave no stone unturnedin moulding and giving shape to their bright future. We also aim at teaching our students to be disciplined. It shuold be remembered that discipline makes a home, it makes a society and it is just a magic that builds a nation. I personally feel that our nation needs a great change and we at our institution along with the management, members and support of our parents will make that change.